National Clutter Awareness Week

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clutt National Clutter Awareness Week

By: Peter Macdiarmid Collection: Getty Images News

Take a look around your home and clear some clutter from your life and help disaster victims.  They’ve lost everything they own.  You have a lot of stuff you don’t use and it’s cluttering up your life and home.

You can transform your clutter into cash and help hurricane victims. National Clutter Awareness Week is March 23-28. Look at all the stuff that’s cluttering up your home. Now think about what you actually need and what you could live without like CDs you don’t listen to, books you’ve finished, DVDs you don’t watch, video games you or the kids don’t play anymore, you get the idea. You can take the things you don’t use or don’t really need and turn them into money to benefit the American Red Cross or other relief organizations.

First be reasonable with yourself and how much you can get done.  Second, start small do the little things, like a drawer, finish it and move on. Get organized. Make a to do list and check it off, like things to sell for hurricane relief, gifts you’ll give to others.  And lastly there are ways to use stuff like selling them on ebay and donating the proceeds to your favorite charity.  But if you are unable to auction items online you can help out the old fashioned way by having a yard sale and donating the proceeds to the Red Cross or other relief organizations. Maybe you can put your stuff together with friends or family and have a neighborhood, civic association or church sale.



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