The 5 Worst Things For Your Stomach

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107966968 The 5 Worst Things For Your Stomach
We found a list of the top 5 thing that are bad for your stomach, more than 95 million Americans suffer from poor digestion.

1.sodas and fruit juices

fructose intolerance is another major cause of IBS

 2. beans

Beans can produce intestinal gas

 3. coffee

acids in coffee can irritate the stomach lining

 4. tomatoes

Tomatoes can be an esophageal irritant, bringing about symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn or making heartburn worse

 5. iced drinks (with meals)

“Digestion relies largely on stomach acid and digestive enzymes,” he said. “Your digestive enzymes work best at 98.6 degrees — and ice-cold drinks can inactivate them, causing indigestion.” He advised drinking something hot

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