I Have A Feeling You Don’t Listen To WQYK

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First, thanks for reaching out. It is appreciated. Your passion for music is a good thing and you and I definitely have that in common. But being the honest guy I am, I have to let you know you’re hurting the chances of the song you requested getting played. By requesting it, I’m now probably less likely to play it.


You don’t listen to WQYK.

If you lived here, chances are you would listen. But if I sent you this link, I looked at your profile and you either live way out of our listening range or requested the song on dozens of other radio stations. Or you might have requested it after I just played it. Or my favorite is when I get a request and I’m not even on the air. :)

We get requests like this from out of the area often from internet fans of a band. Here’s why you requesting the song has a negative effect. To stay in business, we play songs that our listeners like. Makes sense right? How do we know what they like? They call. Or we find out first hand when we are out and about around Tampa Bay. Thanks to technology, we even can see when listeners don’t like a song and change the station! (I know… creepy huh?)

So when we see out-of-town requests on our Twitter & Facebook for songs that aren’t popular with our listeners, it has a negative effect. It just makes us assume the song is a dud so we’ll be far less likely to play it.

What CAN you do? Focus your efforts locally! Chances are you have lots of friends on our Facebook or Twitter who live nearby. Share the music you love with them. Maybe they’ll do the same. When a song catches on, request lines light up and radio stations take notice! When the band you like is coming to town, spread the word and get a bunch of friends to go with you! When we in radio hear a band sold out a local venue, that gets our attention!

Hope this helps… not trying to be rude. I like being honest. You have a passion for music and so do I. I just want you to help, not hurt, the chances of your favorite band’s song making it big!

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