Steel Magnolia Gives Details On The Bed Scene! "Ooh La La!" (page 4)

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steel magnolia just by being you Steel Magnolia Gives Details On The Bed Scene! "Ooh La La!"

4.  You are natural born actors and your videos are full of sensuality. Does it feel that way when you are filming or is it all technical?

“It’s different, like we had never done a bed scene before, and we did one on the second video, where we wake up together. I was in bed and Josh fell asleep while we were shooting. (Yes, he snores a little) I was in this nightie thing and got up and I realized there were 20 camera guys all around. Thought I should put on a robe or something.”

“Just By Being You (Halo & Wings)”

You are very convincing in your videos – “We have a lot of chemistry together and we actually do sing when we are doing our videos so it doesn’t look like we are trying to lip-synch.”

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