Chuck Wicks Single And Looking… Forward To A New Album

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chuckwicks385 2 Chuck Wicks Single And Looking... Forward To A New Album

Steve Wiseman

Former Dancing with the Stars country music sensation [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Chuck Wicks [/lastfm] sat down with our friends in Detroit to talk about his music, life, and being at Downtown Hoedown.

Earlier today his fans took to twitter to ask him questions in a special “tweet and greet.” Wicks confessed some of the craziest questions he was asked; “They ask what I’m doing today…while I’m scheduled to play a concert…crazy! They asked to sign foreheads, bodyparts and someone even asked if he had a live in girlfriend!” His response? Well if you mean his dog, he says “she’s quite a licker!”

He also adds that he’s emotionally ready and back to being “Chuck Wicks” and that he’s in a better spot than ever. He went through changes to his record label but claims that has never been more focused. Although DWTS did take away from him being able to be on the road he says it was good exposure for him. But “he is not and will never be a dancer!” Although DWTS didn’t hurt his relationship, he’s now single and ready to mingle if he finds the right girl!

Wicks will be singing “Old School,” his current single, today at the Hoedown and he says he is ready for his next album… “a fun record with no depressing songs.”

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