Brantley Gilbert Knows Country Must Be Country Wide

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brantley gilbert 29 Brantley Gilbert Knows Country Must Be Country Wide

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Growing up in good ol’ Georgia, Brantley Gilbert learned young that “Country Must Be Country Wide.”  Now he’s touring from Maine to California and making sure Country is hitting both borders and also your radio.  His new song is off a much anticipated album, we don’t know when it will be out but we now have a video for the song! 

If your like me you’ve been listening to Brantley for years, and its about time that he’s got a song on the radio and his musics growing like a wild fire.  His appreciate for his fans is like no other either!  He refers to them as friends, not fans which makes you realize how much he appreciates everything they do!  Now he has an official video on CMT that you just gotta check out!


So whether you work at McDonalds or Bank of America uptown, sit behind a desk or are elbow deep in grease, you can be country.  Its the country folks that watch out for each other that make this country great!  Like the song says, “Hank Said It, A Country Boy Will Survive.”  Things might be rough but in the end if we all stay true we can make it.

So how does Brantley feel about his success? Check out an interview with CMT he did at Coyote Joes a few months ago!

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