Street Date: Rave Review For Ronnie Dunn Solo Album! Preview Here!

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ronnie dunn press photo Street Date: Rave Review For Ronnie Dunn Solo Album! Preview Here!

Photo by Danny Clinch

[pullquote quote=”I’m always gonna be a singer in a cowboy band.” credit=”Ronnie Dunn”]If there was any doubt about whether Ronnie Dunn could pull off a solo career separate from the amazing duo Brooks and Dunn, well, that is definitely over now. Read the review from CBS Program Director, Tim Roberts and preview the tracks, before you can buy it! Album available in stores and online on  Tuesday, June 7th!

I’ve been a fan of B&D since their launch and even booked them to play a bar gig for me years ago, and Ronnie’s vocal on this project sound as fresh, impactful and as soulful as ever. This album is loaded with hit records including the first release “Bleed Red” which is an insightful spiritual song that delivers emotional impact from the first chord and is one of those songs you hear for the first time and feel like you already know it.

The album starts rockin’ with the pen track “Singer in a Cowboy Band” which you can hear as an opening concert track. The whole CD feels like you’re at a killer Ronnie Dunn concert. There are several cuts that radio programmers will feel like are ear candy including “Let the Cowboy Rock”, and my personal favorite is “How Far to Waco” which makes you want to hop on a plane to Cancun…a real southwest killer track. Ronnie of course has his soulful moments on “Once” and “I Just Get Lonely.”

Check out Ronnie’s debut release, true to the origins of Brooks and Dunn. Ronnie Dunn totally owns it on this solo venture. ~ Tim Roberts, CBS Radio, Program Director

PodcastRonnie tells us the story behind the song “Bleed Red” and how it suspiciously involved his 16 year old daughter! Listen to the interview here!

[pullquote quote=”This was nothin’ but reckless rock-n-roll . . . with cowboy lyrics.” credit=”Ronnie Dunn”]Ronnie Dunn says he has waited longer than 20 years to make this record and “I gotta get it right.” Mission accomplished!  We think you’ll agree and 30 million previous album sales (with Brooks and Dunn) are certainly credit to that! In the video below, Ronnie tells us the story behind the songs and the details of the heart and soul that went into the making of this solo album.


arrow right Street Date: Rave Review For Ronnie Dunn Solo Album! Preview Here!Select the “next” button below for the track listing and four new music videos from tracks off of the new Ronnie Dunn!

ronnie dunn cover Street Date: Rave Review For Ronnie Dunn Solo Album! Preview Here!Like what you hear? As of June 7th, you can purchase in stores or order online at, or!

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