Shania Twain Explains The CMT Awards Fall At CMA Fest

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shania Shania Twain Explains The CMT Awards Fall At CMA Fest

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Everyone’s been asking how did the infamous Shania fall actually happen, and we have the answer! We sat down (safely) with [lastfm]Shania Twain[/lastfm] at the CMA Music Festival and she explained exactly what happened at the CMT Music Awards and we all shared a good laugh. She also filled us in one some of the struggles of making music again and told us why she’s so excited about her run of shows in Las Vegas.

First off, are you okay after the fall?

Yes. When I looked back at it, I thought, “Wow, it looked like my leg bent in half or something.” I’m perfectly fine. I didn’t hurt myself. I was embarrassed for about one second, and then I got back up, and it was all good. I think it was just that there was a very slick floor, and with the lights from the camera reflecting off the floor, I couldn’t judge the depth.

How does it feel to be making music again?

I wasn’t really sure how I was going to go about doing new music again without Mutt, so after 15 years, it was a really big scary thing to take the step and introduce new music of my own. So that was scary, but it’s turned out really great. I love the song. It’s been a personal cheerleader for me throughout the year. I thought, well, this is the moment to share new music, because it’s really so representative of what I’m going through.

How excited are you for your Las Vegas run of shows?

First of all, the Coliseum is an amazing room. It’s a luxury experience for any artist who is used to traveling everyday with your whole production, to be able to be in a stationary situation where the quality and the standard is great everyday. So that’s sweet—let’s put it that way.

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