Locash Cowboys Used To Have To Sneak Into CMA Fest

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2010 BamaJam Music & Arts Festival - Day 1

Anyone can go to the CMA Music Festival as a fan, but to get in as a band, you have to be invited, or like the [lastfm]Locash Cowboys[/lastfm], you can just sneak in. Of course, these days, everyone’s happy to have the guys there, but there was a time when they weren’t invited, but they still came!

We caught up with Locash Cowboys, and they told us all about how they used to bust in on the fest and take things into their own hands.

When was your first CMA Music Festival or Fan Fair?

We snuck in probably about seven years ago. I think one station saw us. We had a publicist who was a good friend of ours, Christy, and she would leave one of the back doors, literally cracked open with a wood block, and she would tell us what hallway to go down, and we would come in, and then we’d find guy who had no interview going with like a five minute slot open, and we’d say, ‘hey, can we talk to you?” And next thing you know, we’d get in on an interview.

Who are you most excited to see play at the CMA Music Festival?

Shania. She’s not single any more, is she?

What’s next for you?

We have a new single called “You Got Me,” and we had a great debut Monday. We were on the top 10 most added songs on Media Base. It was huge day for us. We had a party.

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