Inside The “Get Closer” Tour

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keith urban Inside The Get Closer Tour

By: Erika Goldring Collection: Getty Images Entertainment People: Keith Urban

[photogallerylink id=57157 align=right] [lastfm link_type=””]Keith Urban[/lastfm], who kicked off his “Get Closer” tour yesterday in Biloxi, Miss. wants his new concert tour to live up to the title of his latest album, “Get Closer.” When he toured in 2009-10 he used ramps which took him down to the fans and says this latest tour will explore even greater levels of getting connected with the fans.

“I love those ramps so much.”  ”I liked the feeling of accessibility to the audience — there’s no fence, no barriers, no massive security people. So I thought I would take that a little further this time.” Urban says this time out he’s using a “semi-circular stage where the entire front is sloped down into the arena floor. To me it feels much more inviting from the audience standpoint. It just does away with all of the feeling of barriers. It feels like they can just wander up the ramps and come onto the stage if they want.” If your wondering if that ever happened it did a few times during his last tour.  Keith goes on to say: “But it didn’t happen nearly as much as people thought it would.”  ”I’ve always had this feeling that when you put barriers up people want to get over them, but if you get rid of the barrier and people knew they could come up if they wanted, they’re less inclined to. Now, I’m talking fairly logical people, too; you get enough alcohol into the right fans and there’s no logic involved. But I’ve always felt from my audience it’s more of an ‘us thing’ instead of me and them, so I’m more inclined to keep opening up all of that access and integrating the audience more.” Urban also goes on to say the ‘Get Closer’ 2011 world tour will also feature extensive video production and a stage set inspired by amusement parks. ” Urban will be touring North America through mid-October, including a Canadian swing with [lastfm link_type=””]the Band Perry[/lastfm]. So how does he like working with the group?  ”I really love those guys.”  ”There’s a thing about sibling harmonies and music…There’s nothing quite like it. They’re a really, really exceptional, gifted family. We started work on a song; we didn’t get to finish it, but hopefully we can because I’d love to have a song with those guys, just to do it live if nothing else.”  The “Get Closer” tour hits the St. Pete Times Forum Saturday and WQYK will be there with you.


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