Street Date: Corey Smith Wishes He Was 21, On New Album “The Broken Record”

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corey smith 385 Street Date: Corey Smith Wishes He Was 21, On New Album The Broken Record[pullquote quote=”When I was only 17, I couldn’t wait till twenty-one” credit=”Corey Smith, on new album The Broken Record”] Singer and songwriter [lastfm]Corey Smith[/lastfm] doesn’t only write songs about booze and drinking, but when he does tackle those topics, he hits a chord that resonated with people in a way few artists can. His tales of high school and college hi-jinx in his home state of Georgia have an autobiographical quality – conveying an honesty that has become Smith’s trademark. His latest album is out this week, titled The Broken Record. Click through now to watch the video for his new single “Twenty-One.”

Listen to “Twenty-One” by clicking the Play button below, and watch the brand-new video below that.

[lastfm]Corey Smith[/lastfm] is the very definition of a hometown boy, as evidenced by this quote from his bio, referencing his hometown just outside of Jefferson, Georgia: “It’s the town where I was born, where I spent most of my youth, and the only place I’ve ever been truly happy. Although there was a time when I wanted to get as far away as possible, I now realize it’s the only home I’ll ever know.” Learn more about Smith at his website, and his artist profile at

The full track listing for The Broken Record is as follows:
1. Intro
2. If I Could Do It Again
3. Carolina
4. I Love Everyone
5. No Way (Out With a Smile)
6. Heart Attack
7. Hey Corey
8. Broken Record
9. Maybe Next Year
10. Backroad
11. Roots
12. New Day
13. Sugar Daddy
14. Twenty-One
15. Something to Lose
16. Down to Earth
17. Silly

corey smith cover Street Date: Corey Smith Wishes He Was 21, On New Album The Broken Record
If you like what you hear, check out The Broken Record by [lastfm]Corey Smith[/lastfm], available now at iTunes and Amazon.

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