Free MP3 Of The Day: Kip Moore “Mary Way The Marrying Kind”

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Our good friends at just relaunched this week, and to celebrate, we’re helping them give away some of today’s best country songs for free, every day for a month. We’ve got a new, free mp3 download each day. Today’s featured free download is “Mary Was the Marrying Kind” by [lastfm]Kip Moore[/lastfm].

Sometimes love makes more sense in the past tense, and singer-songwriter-heartbreaker, Kip Moore is well aware of that. “Mary was the Marrying Kind” is Kip’s infectious sing along story of the one (or perhaps several) that got away.

Kip’s debut single puts his romantic past to verse, in toe-tapping rhythm with a shout-along chorus that will have you banging the repeat button time and time again.

Download a free MP3 of Kip Moore’s “Mary Was The Marrying Kind”

Moore tells his story with personal details of past lovers like, “Jenny was the kind you’d call up late for a date on Friday night… Becky was a hell-raising, dart-throwing girl that could match me beer for beer” or “Gretchen was a grad student working on her masters, a little too smart for me. Tammy was a teacher, her daddy was a preacher, evil as a girl could be.” Oh, and there’s even Meghan, “the senator’s daughter” (sound like someone familiar)?

But Mary? Well, “Mary was the marrying kind.” Kip fills songs with the kind of attention to detail you can only gain through personal experience.

I have truly lived my music to a sense, even the milestones I haven’t reached yet. I have been in those moments. I’ve been at those crossroads with a girl: ‘Are we going to take that next step?’ I look forward to taking that next step, but I haven’t wanted to yet. I look forward to being ready for that. Kip Moore

“Mary Was the Marrying Kind” may be the first you’re hearing of Kip Moore, but it won’t be the last. Kip’s major label debut is out later this year, and if “Mary” is any indication, we’ll be hearing a whole lot more of Moore. While you wait for the rest of the album, go ahead and download “Mary Was the Marrying Kind,” and take it with you everywhere you go.

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