Free MP3 Of The Day: Randy Montana, “1000 Faces”

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Our friends at recently relaunched their site, and to celebrate we’re helping them give away some fantastic songs for free! Today, we’re featuring Randy Montana‘s new single “1000 Faces.”

Echoing from [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Randy Montana[/lastfm]’s gravely voice, the hit single “1000 Faces” has received praise from 1000 blogs and magazines. If you’d never seen Randy’s face and only heard his songs, you’d swear he was twice his age, but as it turns out he’s just wise (and gifted) beyond his years.

“1000 Faces” doesn’t rely on any frills. It opens with just Randy’s raspy voice calling out over a simple but passionate guitar strum with some sparse mandolin support. Following the first verse, the rest of the band kicks into a full on country rock ballad, but at it’s heart, the song remains a straight forward, passion-driven call for love. There are no gimmicks, just heartfelt poetry pumped out of your speakers by a straight up rockin’ country sound.

Not only does Randy’s voice sound more seasoned and mature than you would expect for his age, the lyrics for “1000 Faces” do too. Granted, “Faces” opens from a perspective many musicians have seen– there are a lot of girls out there:

“Those brunettes, blond girls/ Blue jeans, string of pearls/ Take you on a trip around the world girls/ Love has a thousand faces/ Love has a thousands faces.”

However, in the end, it’s not the thousands faces Randy wants:

“But I see you/ Before I ever knew you/ I dreamed of you.”

Take a note, fellas. It’s not the 1000 faces that Randy wants, it’s the one girl, and he sees her everywhere. This is one you want to sing to your lady, but then again, if your not much of a singer, just go ahead and download it here for free, and crank it up on the stereo for that special one of those “1000 Faces.”

Download the Randy Montana song “1000 Faces”!

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