Betcha That Hurt Like The Dickens

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luke bryan2 Betcha That Hurt Like The Dickens

By: Beth Gwinn Getty Images Entertainment People: Luke Bryan

[photogallerylink id=59686 align=right]So [lastfm link_type=””]Luke Bryan[/lastfm] does the NBC ‘Today’ show on Wednesday morning.  By Wednesday afternoon he found himself in the hospital getting stitched up.

It was skateboarding is what done it.  An accident that left a large gash on his forehead.  He took the fall on a brand new skateboard he bought in New York City after the show.  Bryan tweeted an update to his fans of his latest screw up.  His words not mine.  Minutes later he sent a picture of his new scar.  I’d send it to you but there’s some kind of law against me from doing it.

While promoting his new album “[lastfm link_type=””]Tailgates and Tanlines[/lastfm]” Bryan covered the skateboarding accident by saying:  ”So we had this big idea.” “You know those Rip-Stick things? They’re like a skateboard, but they have two wheels, and you kind of wobble? Yeah … well …. I was on the Rip-Stick in Central Park. I’d never been to Central Park. The whole week [me and some of my crew guys] were in New York City, we kept talking about how we wanted to go ride these Rip-Sticks in Central Park. So after all the anticipation, we had ridden them and went down a bunch of hills and really rode them [through] the whole park. We had about an hour before the bus pulled out of New York City. One of my guys [had a] bearings [blow] up in his Rip-Stick. We were just kind of walking it back to a cab, and there was one last hill. We got on the hill, and the next thing you know I’m rolling down the hill.”  ”What cut my face was my sunglasses,” Bryan continued. “I literally rolled on a skateboard, and [didn’t] have one scratch on my body. All of my crew guys were looking at me, knowing I was going to get hurt and then the tour [would be] over, [but] I’m going to keep doing child-like activities as long as I can get away with it.” This is the second time this year alone that Bryan has banged up his handsome face. Just two months ago, Bryan tweeted another picture of a gash across the top of his nose, captioning it “onstage blunder.”

Bryan’s injury will not slow him down any. This week, the singer continues on [lastfm link_type=””]Tim McGraw[/lastfm]’s Emotional Traffic Tour, also featuring the [lastfm link_type=””]Band Perry[/lastfm].

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