Labor Day Blues

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46th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Concerts On Fremont - Day 2

Hump-day, middle of the week, soon Friday will roll around and right on its heels is the Labor Day Weekend.  As we head toward that big long weekend of cook-outs, boating, or just spending time with the family, we may be thinking twice about those long road trips of yesteryear, now that average gas prices are more than 90 cents a gallon higher than they were at this time last year.

Country music stars are very aware of the economic impact and what its doing to the cost of living, as a matter of fact, one artist in particular, [lastfm link_type=””]Ronnie Dunn [/lastfm]says its shaped the evolving lyrics in his single, ‘Cost of Livin’,” when he heard the song years ago.  Ronnie says: ”It came along two and half years ago, back when the economy had crashed, you know, because…primarily because of the real estate issue and the cost of gasoline. And that hasn’t changed. Now it’s going back up even higher. I’ve changed the hook line three times now. Initially, it was ’two dollars and change at the pump,’ and the last version was ‘three dollars and change at the pump,’ and I’d recorded a ‘four dollars and change at the pump’ version. So, this may be the world’s longest interactive country song (laughs) to come along in a while.” And they don’t even check the oil anymore.

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