Veronica’s Experience On “Dolphin Tale” (page 2)

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Veronica at Dolphin Tale

We were very excited to have been chosen out of the audience to be members of the “moving background.” There was carnival happening on “Save Winter Day.”

When filming began, we had to start at our designated spot then make our way through the carnival, playing a game or two on the way. The director gave a cue, and we had to walk to the bleachers and go find a seat in the crowd.

114944441 Veronicas Experience On Dolphin TaleAt the end of the take, we had to walk down the bleachers and go back to our original mark.

To my surprise, we walked RIGHT BY Ashley Judd! She was sitting four rows from the bottom… So close I could touch her!

She was barefoot and had a computer sitting in her lap. Someone was holding a big umbrella over her, to shade her from the sun in between takes.

Rob said on the last take of the scene, he was going to reach over and tickle Ashley’s toes. I told him he’d probably get kicked off set. He said it’d be worth it. I bet most guys would agree!!

He didn’t do it, by the way.

It was so cool to have had this experience. I can’t wait to see Dolphin Tale. I know the probability of seeing myself in a clip is slim to none at best. But, having been there will always remain priceless to me.

Plus, how awesome is it to see a movie filmed in our own Tampa Bay area? Yep, priceless…

crowd scene Veronicas Experience On Dolphin Tale

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