Country Music Is Real Life & Family Friendly

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October is Country Music Month, so we asked a bunch of country music experts what country music is them. This edition is from Christy McLeap. Christy has been in radio for 21 years and a majority of her time has been spent as a country music DJ. Christy has been at K-FROG in Southern California, for about the last 8 years.

No matter where you are, there’s a little bit of redneck in everybody. I learned that in Southern California, a place where I never would have suspected to find any rednecks! I’m originally from Tennessee, and so I couldn’t help but to be a fan of country music!

One thing about country music I absolutely love is that it’s about family and real life stuff. Whether you’re having a wedding, a fight, a party, a break-up or working hard, country music has a song for that! We’re not afraid to sing the praises of God, and we’ll tell you how much we love being patriotic. Country music is simple and down to earth. It’s easy to understand and something the whole family can listen to together. You can be honest about real life situations in song and you can sing it without being nasty and in words everyone can understand. Country music proves that.

Country music is real and so are it’s listeners. As [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Brad Paisley[/lastfm] sings, “This is Country Music, and we do”. I think “This is Country Music” is a song that wraps up what I’m trying to say.

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