Street Date: Martina McBride’s Emotion Packed ‘Eleven’

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(Photo by Randee St Nicholas)

(Photo by Randee St Nicholas)

martina mcbride eleven 4 Street Date: Martina McBrides Emotion Packed ElevenAll Aboard With Martina McBride!On the 11th day of October 2011, [mp3com-artist]Martina McBride[/mp3com-artist] releases her 11th studio album, aptly title Eleven, with 11 tracks that will capture your heart and soul.  From the first powerhouse up-tempo track “One Night” to the last melodic “Long Distance Lullabye” you will hear Martina’s versatility as she takes you through a wide range of octaves and emotions that make it evident this album is a very personal project.

Martina co-produced (with Byron Gallimore) Eleven as well as co-wrote over half of the songs, including the album’s first released single “Teenage Daughters,” a completely relevant song for any one who has experienced teenage parenting and knows “it’s just like it happened overnight, we’re always wrong, they’re always right,” but at the same time “at 17 she’s just like me when I was 17, so I don’t blame her.”

Watch the official music video for “Teenage Daughters”

Martina is sure to have another hit with the loving tender ballad “Long Distance Lullabye”  singing about life on the road and missing home; a beautiful tribute to her husband as the chorus rings “I miss your voice, I miss your smile. I wish I could give you a kiss from a thousand miles.”

The second single released from the album “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” is another beautiful ballad and inspirational story portraying the undying support a husband is giving his wife who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Martina delivers it beautifully, consciously focusing on the fragility of the situation when she sings, “if you’re lost, if your scared to death and you can’t take one more step, just take my hand, together we can do it, I’m gonna love you through it.”

Watch the official music video for “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”

With the horn section in the opening of “Broken Umbrella,” I had a flashback of the music of one of my favorite rock and roll bands, [mp3com-artist]Chicago[/mp3com-artist] as Martina paints a perfect picture of being in love and carefree.  A skillful pairing with the catchy, very subltey reggae sounding, “Always Be This Way.”

A favorite and my prediction for the most requested wedding song for 2012 is Martina’s duet with [mp3com-artist]Train[/mp3com-artist]’s Pat Monahan in “Marry Me.” Martina and Train recorded together last November for CMT Crossroads, and I am thrilled to hear more on this album!

Watch Martina and Patrick Monahan perform “A Broken Wing.”

Putting words to the essence of relationships is done with much finesse in Eleven.  This is one McBride album you will want to add to your collection.

Eleven Track Listing:

1. “One Night”

2. “Always Be This Way”

3. “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”

4. “Marry Me” feat. [mp3com-artist]Train[/mp3com-artist]’s Pat Monahan

5. “Broken Umbrella”

6. “You Can Get Your Lovin’ Right Here”

7. “Whatcha Gonna Do”

8. “Teenage Daughters”

9. “Summer of Love”

10. “When You Love a Sinner”

11. “Long Distance Lullaby”

martina mcbride 11 cover Street Date: Martina McBrides Emotion Packed ElevenMartina McBride‘s Eleven is available in stores and online on Tuesday, October 11th! Pick up your copy or order online at iTunes or Pick up a deluxe edition of Eleven, including four bonus tracks and behind-the-scene footage, exclusively at

Martina kicked off her ‘Eleven Across America’ whistle-stop tour on October 10th in Los Angeles to support and bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Keep up with her journey here and see ongoing video and photo coverage.

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