Videos of 10 Worst Karaoke Fails

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Ever been to a karaoke bar and this one person sings your favorite song and just completely butchers it?! Or have you played karaoke at home and your brother starts singing like a girl and you feel your ears just start to burn?! Well…we have found the top 10 worst karaokes out there! Brace yourself! Your ears may start to hurt!

You have to see this guy piers sing Lady Gaga’s, “Born This way” like it’s his anthem! But unfortunately for him…he killed the song…completely!

These two guys, Jasper and Eddie attempted to sing Art Brut’s, “Boom Boom Boom Boom”. All I have to say about this performance is…”Where are my earplugs?”

See Alicia Keys’ Song Be Butchered!

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