Sugarland to Chill For A Few Months

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Sugarland Returns To Indiana

[lastfm link_type=””]Jennifer Nettles[/lastfm] of the duo [lastfm link_type=””]Sugarland[/lastfm] says that this year has been a bit “tumultuous” for them and hints that it will be some time before she and Kristian make their next move. Nettles says: ”We are taking a few months just to chill and relax and sleep in our own beds and contemplate how we want to approach what’s next.” The break is understandable after two straight years on the Incredible Machine Tour, punctuated by last August’s tragedy at the Indiana State Fair.

Time away from Sugarland may give Nettles and Bush time to pursue other interests.  Nettles goes on to say that she’d love to record a solo record, but quickly followed that up by reminding fans that she and Bush are very supportive of each other and working on separate projects would by no means indicate the band has broken up.  ”We’ve been supportive of each other from the beginning and we already have other projects that we work in ourselves,” she said. Nettles frequently writes with other people and has an interest in theater. Bush writes on his own as well and is a talented record producer. Fans and critics have been looking for a break-up scandal since the group’s early days as a trio with  Kristen Hall. There just isn’t one to be found, she says.  (?)

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