Casey James Amazing First

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Its a special time for every artist when he or she has their first.  First big hit, first album release, etc.  [lastfm link_type=””]Casey James[/lastfm] enjoyed his first recently while in concert perfroming his single Let’s Don’t Call It A Night, when the audience began singing along, and as Casey says it was “almost overwhelming.”

Casey talks about his fans singing his song back to him: “I was somewhere just the other day, and I started the single, and everybody started singin’ along, and it was just unbelievable, you know? Thanks to the radio stations for playin’ the song because people are starting to know it and sing along with me, and it was one of those moments — one of the best moments of my life, really.”

“My heart almost stopped! I mean, I really think that when I saw the people singin’ along with me, it was…it was just one of those moments where I just…I almost forgot to breathe, it was so intense. And there’s no words really to describe it for me, you know, and I’m sure that a lot of people — the big-time people, you know — get that sensation all the time, and I wonder to myself, ‘Does it ever get…does it ever…do you ever get used to it?’ Because I don’t think I will. I mean…I just…that moment where you’re lookin’ out and people are singin’ a song that came from your heart and your soul, and it means somethin’ to them, too. I can’t ask for more.”

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