Carrie Underwood “Good Girl”

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Carrie Underwood has a new single! The song “Good Girl” will be released on February 23rd as the first single from Carrie’s upcoming album, due out in the spring. Carrie co-wrote the song with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley, and for those of you, like me, who are avid readers of album credits, you may recognize Ashley’s name as a co-writer on two of Carrie’s earlier hits: “All-American Girl” and “Don’t Forget to Remember Me.” Carrie tells us she’s thrilled to have a new single on the way, and she promises, it’s rockin’!

Carrie describes her new single and says: ”‘Good Girl’ is rockin’! We went into the writing session thinking we need to write something that just kicks butt, and Chris DeStefano, one of the writers is — I call him a little mad scientist on all of his Pro Tools stuff — he, like, plays every instrument you could possibly think of, and he, like, started makin’ this track, and we started…we just went. It was fast. We wrote it fast, and it’s just fun! It’s upbeat, it’s fun, you stomp your feet, and you can dance to it. It’s got this really rockin’ verse, and this really, like, rockin’ country chorus. So, it’s just a really cool song.”

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