Casey James Makes History

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“Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” singer Casey James stepped into country music history the other night when he made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry! For any country artist, that’s a big moment, but whatever the setting for a performance, Casey says that his goal is always to give the audience the kind of show that makes them glad they came to see that “TV guy” they remember from American Idol.  

“It’s always a big, big, big compliment to hear someone say, ‘I watched you on the show, but I had no idea, you know, I just took a chance to come and see you, and it was so much better than I thought it was gonna be.’ You know, in a way, I guess the expectations were low, and that’s kind of almost a downer, but then you think, the fact that they were blown away, that’s a great thing, and I always take that as a compliment because maybe they had a little bit of interest because they saw a guy on a TV show, and he was comin’ to play a show nearby, and ‘What the heck? Might as well.’ And then the fact that I put on a great show and really pour my heart into it, if that makes them a fan, in my mind, that’s the goal; I’ve accomplished what I set out to do that night.”

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