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The guys of [lastfm link_type=””]Rascal Flatts[/lastfm] really know how to lay it on, and they did just that for [lastfm link_type=””]Sara Evans[/lastfm] by presenting her with a brand new Jeep.  Sara revealed the group’s generosity when she revealed the end-of-tour gift.  The Jeep was customized in honor of Sara and her husband, former University of Alabama Crimson Tide star quarterback [lastfm link_type=””]Jay Barker[/lastfm].

“I toured with Rascal Flatts all summer and then all of January and February, okay? And I gave them all a really nice watch because, you know, they’re stylish and so I got ‘em a really nice watch, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I am so sweet. I mean, they probably didn’t get me anything, and I am…I have the best manners.’ And I was just so proud of myself for getting them these watches, and my manager says, ‘Rascal Flatts — you know, Gary, Jay, and Joe Don — want to come and give you a gift.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s just because I got ‘em the watches; that’s sweet. You know, they’re probably gonna give me some flowers or something,’ and they come on the bus, I go, ‘Hey!’ And Joe Don goes, ‘Well, we just wanted to say thank you so much for touring with us, and we had a, you know, just a wonderful time with you, and you’re just awesome, and we just wanted to give you a little something to show our appreciation.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, you’re so sweet.’ And he holds up a key chain, an Alabama key chain with a key on it. And I’m like, ‘What is this?’ And he goes, ‘Well, come outside. We have a little present for you.’ And I immediately almost started crying, and I’m like, ‘No way.’ And I feel like I was such a dork because I didn’t…I was in shock. We go out there, and there is a crimson red jeep that is all decked out in all Alabama Crimson Tide. I mean, on each of the seats, the headrests, it’s got the Alabama logo, on the floormats, the tire — the back tire cover — everything is totally decked out in Alabama. They had this amazing, like, stereo system put in it, and they gave me a Jeep. I’m like, ‘I gave you a watch.’ (laughs) Isn’t that incredible?”

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