Outdoors With Sara Evans

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With next Thursday marking the beginning of spring, how would we know, because of this years mild winter?  [lastfm link_type=””]Sara Evans[/lastfm] says that she and her family love the outdoors so much that they really hardly if ever wait for spring fever to kick in.

Sara says that her family loves the great outdoors:  ”If it is above 40, we are outside doing something. And especially when we have all seven kids together, we are either playin’ basketball, we’re on the field across the street playing baseball, or football or ultimate Frisbee, or I’m playing tennis. I try to play tennis about three mornings a week. I just have to. And I can really, really tell, like if I’ve gone three or four days and I’ve not been able to exercise, I just…I’m like, I have to. I have to do whatever I can. Or I walk my dog. But I love it. I’ve always been a tomboy; I’ve always been an outdoor girl — I grew up on a farm. And I’ve always been an athlete. I think that’s why Jay fell in love with me is my athletic abilities and my love for them.”  Sara is married to former college and pro football player Jay Barker.

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