Casey James, His Feelings, And Mom

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[lastfm link_type=""]Casey James [/lastfm]releases his self-titled album tomorrow and shared his feelings about what some are calling, a labor of love.

Is he excited? More than you can imagine!  He says: ”I am probably more excited than you could even understand. I mean, to know that my music’s gonna finally be out there, it’s excitement and relief to know that people will actually understand who I am and what I’m about and why I’m doing what I’m doing. They’ll know. They can go, ‘Oh, well, that’s him. This is his CD.’ And that’s a great feeling.”  And of course we had to ask how his mom felt about the whole thing?  ”My mom is out-of-her-mind excited. I mean, she knows what it means to me, so then that makes it mean that much to her, as well.”

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