Blake Shelton On Miranda Lambert’s Drunk Tweets

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Blake Shelton at Country Thunder (photo by Randall Tyree)

Blake Shelton at Country Thunder (photo by Randall Tyree)

Before taking the stage in Arizona last weekend, Blake Shelton sat down for a chat about his jokes during the ACM Awards, life on the set of The Voice, his wife Miranda Lambert‘s addiction to picking up stray dogs, and drunk tweeting.

“When you tweet, ‘I’m so drunk, dot dot dot,’ are you really drunk?” Tim asks. “About 80 percent of the I have been drinking,” Shelton replies, not missing a beat. (Is he serious? There’s a good chance we’ll never know.) “But I’m not so drunk that I can’t complete a sentence.”

Then there was the question about Adam Levine, who recently visited Shelton’s house and called it “one of the biggest tin sheds he’s ever seen.” What exactly did Shelton have to say about that?

“When I bought the place I live at, it had this metal building on it, and I just turned it into a house.” But, he says, “Miranda hates it. And so do the rest of my family and friends.” Um, ouch?

Next topic was Shelton’s gig on The Voice. In reference to Cee Lo Green, who has gained extra attention for the white cat he keeps on his lap and strokes, Shelton joked, “For next season, I want to have a rooster on my lap, and I want to stroke my rooster.”

To get all the gory details of the KMLE team’s highly entertaining, borderline bawdy interview with Blake Shelton, watch the video.

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