Jerrod Niemann Blessed With Good Friends

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Some of us go through our whole lives with maybe one or two good friends, let’s face it everyone else is just an acquaintance.  Jerrod Niemann is blessed to have some great friends, and among those is fellow artist Lee Brice.  “Lee and myself have both been around Nashville for a long time and have had even publishing deals a few different times, and so we kind of understand how it works on that side of the fence. So when you are finally given some time to get together and write, you know each other so well already that you don’t have to go through the subtleties of not wantin’ to hurt the other person’s feeling if you don’t like the word or the line or the melody, but we know each other so well that it just flows. I mean, when you get together, before you know it, you’re just…you have a song, and you’re like, ‘Wow, that’s cool. Can I record it?’

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