Deaf 3-Year-Old Prohibited From Signing His Name Because It Resembles A Gun [Video]

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Three-year-old Daniel Abrams is comforte
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It breaks my heart to hear when people mess with young children and it bothers me even more when it involves a child with a disability. A preschooler from Grand Island, Nebraska is being told to change his name because it violates Preschool’s Weapons Policy. The school says when the child signs his name with his hands, the signs resemble a gun. But, the child and his parents have even changed the signs to where he crosses his fingers to make it more unique to him and to change it from looking like anything else. It just breaks my heart to see such a young child already receiving heat for something he can not help. Do you think the school has a right to tell the child and his parents to change his name? What would you do if this were your child?

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