Reno Wilson Talks About His Honeymoon & “Mike And Molly” On CBS

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Photo Credit Getty Images

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“The Honeymoon is Over” — Mike and Molly return home from their Honeymoon and Mike gets inspired to change his life and travel the world, while Molly worries how their family and friends fared at home without them, on the season 3 premiere of MIKE & MOLLY, tonight at 9:30 ET on CBS.

We talked to Reno Wilson who plays Officer Carl, Mike’s best friend on “Mike and Molly,” he talked with us about what he thinks should happen with the newlyweds after their Honeymoon and more.

Question 1:

Tell us a little bit about tonight’s episode.

Reno Wilson:

I feel like the first 2 seasons of Mike and Molly was the setup, they met, Mike courted Molly they dated and he asked her to marry him at the end of season 1. Season 2 was all the wedding planning and the bachelor/bachelorette parties, then the got married at the end of the season. I now he feel like the shows in its stride, now the things that happen with couples can happen, I think they should pro create and get out of the parents house.

Question 2: Where did you go on your Honeymoon?


When we got married, my wife is from LA and I’m from Brooklyn, so for our Honeymoon we went to Joshua Tree National Park and camped, remember I’m from Brooklyn and in Brooklyn, we don’t camp!  In the middle of the night while camping I heard what I thought was some laughing, which I thought was some others campers, it was coyotes.

Question 3: What made your wife want to go camping?


She’s a nature girl.

Question 4:

You’re tweeting live during Mike and Molly tonight, where can people tweet to you? What’s you twitter handle?



Question 5:

How do you feel now that Mike and Molly is now in syndication?


That’s why I came to Los Angeles, you know you come to LA with the dream of getting a pilot, I’ve done 17 of them, out of those 17, 13 went to series and out of those 13 only on 1 went a season, this is the first time for me that one went past a season. for it to get syndicated it’s a dream!

Question 6:

With Halloween only a month away, what do your kids want to be?


Honey what do you want to be for Halloween… Frankenstein.

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