Jerrod Niemann Can’t Wrap Christmas Presents

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2011 CMA Awards Nominations

Jerrod Niemann says “Hey, I’m no wrapper:” I do try to wrap my own gifts, and I am totally a guy. I mean, I am sure some guys are good at that stuff, I just…I mean, I can’t even cut a straight line with scissors, and one time I got suckered into working at this clothing store for, like, the holidays when I was in high school, and they had me in the gift-wrapping area, and you should have seen these poor people when I handed them their gifts. I mean, as you can imagine, it looks like I purposely did it. I know when they got home they just re-wrapped them because it was hideous. And so my mom usually likes to wrap the present I get for people because she didn’t want the Christmas tree to look like it’s covered in trash.”


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