A WQYK Listener Shares Her Heart For Sandy Hook Victims

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Michelle Walker wrote to me concerning the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and I thought I would share it with you.  She writes…”I don’t know if you remember me but I met you last school year when you helped me take my students to the Florida Aquarium.  The incident on Friday hit me pretty hard. I am not sure if it is being a parent or being a teacher that made it so difficult for me.  I wrote a little something and I thought I would share it with you guys.  If you want to share it with listeners or post it on your website it might help others find a their way to deal with it.  You do not have to attach my name to it…not looking for recognition. 
Thanks for all you guys do. 
Michelle Walker
A young boy sits in class, 
his gaze locked on his teacher 

He thinks that she knows everything

His empty glass beseeching her

Inspired by this woman 

She’s an angel in his eyes

And in his age of innocence

No one could be more wise.

But he’s the one with knowledge,

He somehow understands

That with the gifts she’ll give him 

the world is in his hands.

He knows he’s in a safe place

Surrounded by his friends,

Learning abc’s

And how to count to ten. 

He listens so intently

But the next sound he will hear,

Is something unfamiliar,

It fills his heart with fear.

This sound he hadnt heard before

Echoes through the halls,

the cries of fellow classmates,

Will penetrate the walls.

No fireworks, no slamming doors,

No hammers falling down,

Its gunshots in the hallway,

A most unpleasant sound.

A single hole will pierce his flesh,

A wound that will not heel,

A senseless loss and tragedy,

No mother wants to feel.

An eerie silence follows

This school is not the same,

These babies were our future,

Now twenty have been slain.

There are no words to ease the pain,

Or mend the broken hearts,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them,

A fellowship imparts.

United by this tragedy,

A nation mourns again,

We hope this is the last time, 

We pray this madness ends

An angel got his wings today,

In this we can rejoice,

He’s watching and protecting us,

Just listen for his voice

Its in the hymns at church,

Its in the ocean waves,

And all the other peaceful sounds, 

Far beyond his grave.

– Michelle Walker
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