Brad Paisley Tries To Get The Goods On Santa

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Brad Paisley @ The Amp 9.28.12 Photo Courtesy of Timothy Boone 48

Brad Paisley tries to get the goods on Santa and says: “One year I tried to figure out — it was about fifth or sixth grade, I think I was startin’ to…oh no, it was third or fourth grade — I was startin’ to get the hint that maybe there wasn’t a Santa Claus…which there is, by the way. But I wanted to prove it once and for all, so I stuck a tape recorder, pressed record, stuck it behind the Christmas tree, and left it on hoping that I would hear whoever was gonna place those presents there…and I forgot to plug it in.”  Brad also goes on to say he’s not the best shopper in the world: “I’m pretty last-minute. Most guys are, I think, are like me. You just don’t invest enough, you don’t think ahead and plan it. I really do end up somewhere like the mall or something on the 24th. It’s a shame. It’s really a waste of what should be a fun day, ’cause you know, here I am scrambling around going, ‘Oh, I think they’ll like that.’ They may have never heard of it, and I don’t know what it is necessarily, but let’s buy it! And I could give it to somebody. (laughs) You end up buying all these things, and it’s just a waste.”

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