Brad Paisley’s Not Excited About This Christmas Present

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Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Eight year old Brad Paisley was not excited about what he got for one Christmas:  “That’s just like my kids now and any other kid. Your priorities are…all they care about, I know, is the right toy. They get obsessed with a certain toy. They might get into Batman or Cars or Transformers, and for those weeks where that is the focus, they save-up a little money, or when they have a birthday or anything come up, all that matters is one strange thing. They’ll get it in their mind that they need a certain Transformer, you know, that they need Starscream — and that’s a lot like me. I’m that way. I mean, I get obsessed with things, and maybe that’s why I have such a good work ethic. I think somebody who’s obsessive that way can really work hard. But for me, at eight years old, it was, you know, the Millennium Falcon or Battlestar Galactica or something. It wasn’t a guitar. I knew I was getting a guitar ’cause he had told me he was gonna do that, but, you know, I was not that excited about it.”

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