Carrie Underwood Enters A Nursing Home

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Carrie Underwood in Detroit

Carrie Underwood in Detroit (Photo By Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

Carrie Underwood talks about the joy that is brought to others during the holiday: “When my grandmother was still alive, we would all go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve, and we would go to the nursing home, the local nursing home, and sing Christmas carols up and down the halls and pass out little bags with goodies in ‘em. And that’s something I’ll always remember.”  “We would walk up and down the halls and sing Christmas carols. I mean, we sang, ’Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,’ we sang ‘Silent Night,’ we sang, just all those songs that everybody knows, and it was just a really cool thing that we did. I really wish we still did it. We quit when my grandma got sick, but it was just one of those things that, you know, a lot of people that…it’s really easy to forget about people during that time of year, ’cause there’s so much going on, and it was a really cool thing that we did. We’d go to the nursing home and bring a little Christmas cheer with us.”


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