Chris Young Is A Junkie A Christmas Music Junkie

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Chris Young tells about childhood Christmas morning, waking up early,and holiday tunes:  My parents pretty much just knew to wake up at six in the mornin’, five in the morning, like as soon as the sun comes up, ’cause that was the rule. My parents told me, they were like, ‘Okay, now you know you can’t come down and open presents until the sun comes up.’ As soon as I saw pretend light through my window, I was downstairs, and I was goin’, ‘Can we…I wanna go open stuff!’ And of course, then my parents did the whole thing of ’Okay, wait, we’ve got to videotape you.’ So they would make us wait, and we would start getting all of our presents into piles for us to open. So, it was definitely…we were just like every other kid at Christmas — me and my sister both. We went nuts.”  “I’m a Christmas music junkie, big time. Can’t do it ’til after Thanksgiving, but like, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I have Christmas CDs in my car. I…like, the Christmas tree goes up, we start decoratin’ the house — I’m bad. That’s probably one of my favorite times of the year, and so, yeah, if you, like, pull up next to me at a stop light, and it’s in December, I’m probably, like, blarin’ out some Christmas music, singin’ along with it.”

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