Write A Song Wednesday : Crisco Dog Beer Pong

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Our opening line for Write A Song Wednesday was provided by the always creative, always funny John Rich (of Big & Rich). Thanks to our very imaginative listeners who provided lyrics to follow up a very questionable(?!?!) line from John.

Shelly Starks & Larry “Stretch” Mott were our musical guests! They used their talents to polish up the hilarious lines…

There’s Crisco on the night stand and a bird dog in my bed
Tequila bottle on the floor and a hurtin’ all in my head
Trying to remember what the hell went wrong
and the dog wants to play beer pong
So I setup the table and filled up the cups
I took the Crisco and greased myself up
and Jake ran away cause he thinks I’ve gone nuts
End of a perfect day… We’re drunk off our butts

Check out Shelly Starks’ music on Facebook! She’ll be singing the National Anthem at an upcoming Rays game.

Larry “Stretch” Mott’s band N-Kahootz plays shows all over the Bay Area. Check them out HERE!!

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