Keith Urban The Only Good Thing About American Idol

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Keith Urban (photo by Kurt Wolff/CBS Local)

Keith Urban (photo by Kurt Wolff/CBS Local)

With all the “mean girls” bullying that Nicki Minaj is aiming at Mariah Carey on American Idol this year, there is only one saving grace in this country girl’s mind – Keith Urban.

I am both charmed and turned off by the spectacle that is Idol this year. I just don’t get why Idol has chosen to follow this “mean girls story line. They are showing young girls bullying is OK, even funny. I felt for Keith when he jokingly crawled under a table to get away from the hissing and spitting Divas.

Despite all the silly fake cat fights, I have been impressed my Keith Urban’s gentle soul. His warmth and charm leaps off the screen and into your heart. I’m not the only person who may believe this.

Last night Twitter was filled with AI viewers across the country that echoed my same feelings. #IdolKU has trended not once but twice this week on Twitter proving the likeability of Keith.

Watch the video and decide for yourself if the girls behavior is glorifying bullying.

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The next video is of Keith Urban on The Ellen Show tactfully describing the girls behavior.

Is Keith Urban the only good thing about Idol this year? Will you continue to watch? Leave your comments in the section below.

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