Nest Cam Shows Bald Eagle Chicks

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Bald Eagle Refuge Exhibit Opens At National Zoo In Washington DC

If you’re a nature lover like me, you’ll love this Fort Myers Bald Eagle Nest Cam. It’s a nature family reality show that stars a Bald Eagle couple named Ozzie and Harriet and their two growing chicks.

As best I can tell, morning feeding time occurs around 9AM – 9:30AM. They are fed a steady diet of mostly seafood. I’ve see Ozzie a few times, but 99 percent of the time, it’s Harriet watching over the kids.

Young eagles are usually flying within three months of hatching are expected to remain at the nest, which is part of a state monitoring program, until April or May. Sadly, disease, lack of food, bad weather, or human interference can kill many eaglets. Ozzie and Harriet’s current brood only have a 70 percent chance of survival in their first year of life.

Bald Eagles mate for life and hatch 2-3 eggs twice a year.

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