Southwest Airlines Wants To Charge You To Get On First

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Southwest Airlines used to subtly nickle and dime you with hidden fees- now they have taken a more aggressive approach to get more money out of you per flight. They tempt you with conveniences and privileges that used to be free.

Want to get on the plane first? Pay us $40 and you can. WT? I though that was the advantage of checking in early online?

Southwest Airlines will let people pay to be part of their first boarding group, group “A.” The airline does not have assigned seating and lets passengers board in three groups, A, B and C.

Currently, passengers can ensure they board first by buying a special business class ticket or joining a loyalty program. Now, everyone will have that option if spots are available. Passengers will be able to pay at the gate starting 45 minutes before a flight leaves.

Facing higher fuel and other costs, many airlines have sought to boost revenue in a variety of ways including charging extra to check a bag or sit next to a loved one (American Airlines does this) . This last charge seems to be the final insult to me! Charge you to sit next to your travel companion?

I may start driving more.

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