Write A Song Wednesday: Strawberry Pits Are Hairy… Gotta Go!!

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Shelly Stark and Larry “Stretch” Mott came back in to be our special musical guests for Write A Song Wednesday! They have a knack for taking even the wildest lyrics and turning them into a great song. This dynamic duo did not disappoint this morning… and let me tell you, the lines provided by our listeners were a DOOZY!! Shelly & Stretch totally rolled with it, though.

Out opening line was provided by Trace Adkins, who recently performed at the Strawberry Festival. He observed how incredibly large the berries are, and he said he liked the “double-breasted ones.” With that thought in mind, Trace provided us with the opening line of, “Your strawberry pits are very hairy.”

The rest, well, will indeed go down in history. Check out the mish-mash of crazy lyrics, then listen to final product below!! Shelly and Stretch not only make the song work, they make it a fabulous Kenny Chesney-inspired SMASH!

Strawberry Pits Are Hairy… Gotta Go!!
Your strawberry pits are very hairy
That’s as funny as Moe, Curly and Larry
Hang on, I’ll be right back
I wanna go to the store & get some shaving cream
So we can shave those very hairy berries
On my way, I got lost and ended up at the beach
Now I’m fuzzy like a peach
Let’s go dance at the Redneck Yacht Club
Sling some mud, listen to Kenny on the radio
Just as you figure that there’s a reason
We interrupt this song to bring you
Turkey Season

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