Brad Paisley Takes A Chance With Wheelhouse

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Brad Paisley’s new album Wheelhouse is out and available right now.  Brad’s done a lot of things differently on this new album and its easy to see why he’s afraid.  Brad says:  “It’s very scary to take a musical chance, and there’s things you can get away with later that you cannot get away with in the beginning. I couldn’t have made this album in the beginning. If you would actually have gone back in time and played this album for the kid that made Who Needs Pictures in 1999, I don’t think I would’ve believed that you actually had a copy of my future album. I think I would say that you were crazy, that there’s no way that’s what I’m up to. And it takes going through a lot of things in your life to get to a point where you’re ready to sing a certain song. It’s only because I made albums like Who Needs Pictures and Mud on the Tires and Part II and stuff like that that I get to a point where I’m ready to take a chance on somethin’ that’s way less predictable.”


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