Carnival Cruise Lines Offers Motel 6 Prices To Get Passengers

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Crippled Carnival Cruise Ship Arrives In Mobile

Need to get out-of-town for a little R&R your pockets are near empty? How about a boat cruise that costs as low as $43 a night?  There’s only one problem, the cruise line is Carnival.

Yep! Carnival Cruise lines – in an effort to wipe the pictures and reports of the infamous ship Triumph’s “poop cruise” off the public’s mind –  are offering berths a couple bucks more per-night than Motel 6 charges.

The troubled cruise lines lastest bargain cruise – as of April 12, 2013 – sets sail from Miami on April 29 with stops in Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. Daring and adventurous bargain hunters can buy this 4-night float-caytion for as little as $169 per-person for an inside cabin according to

Your dream trip can become a nightmare from more than just engine troubles and plugged up toilets. Drinks are expensive on a cruise. I’ve seen bar bills at the end of cruise the size of mortgage payments.

Cruise lines make huge bucks off drunk passengers who had no idea the 3 tropical drinks they just downed while loosing heavy in the casino cost $12 – $18 a piece. Why so expensive? There is a 15% gratuity for each drink or bottle you consume. Ouch!

If you stay away from the booze, one-armed bandits and black jack tables you should have an incredibly cheap float-caytion …hopefully without the poop!

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