Brad Paisley On SNL Parody: ‘It Was Awesome’

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What did Brad Paisley think of the Saturday Night Live parody of his and LL Cool J’s song “Accidental Racist” that aired this past weekend? Three words: “It was awesome.”

In an interview this morning with Lisa Dent and Ramblin’ Ray of Chicago’s US99.5, Brad talked about the parody–and about the “firestorm” that surrounded “Accidental Racist,” a song that appears on his brand-new album Wheelhouse.

“What I was trying to do with this entire album was push boundaries,” said Brad. “And we definitely succeeded at that.”

As reported last week, “Accidental Racist”–a Paisley song that features guest vocals from LL Cool J–was an earnest attempt by the artists to open dialogue around the still-hot topic of racism. Brad called the song one of his proudest moments as a songwriter, while the media showered more attention on himhis collaborator, and the song that he ever could have predicted.

“And I figured, this being an album cut and not being the single, that it would take people a while to discover it.”


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