How to Speak Like Carol Sue & Getting Cooter Browned

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Photo credit: Getty Images

Photo credit: Getty Images

I have been on the air in country radio for close to 25 years with 16 years in Tampa Bay area. In that time I have learn lots of redneck sayings. It is my regular Saturday Night All Request show caller Carol Sue who has taught me some of the best redneck lingo I have ever heard. She is my resident redneck lingo expert on WQYK. Here are some of my favorite Carol Sue sayings.

Carol Sue’s Redneck Lingo

Far: If he don’t turn that stove down, them chickens will catch far.

Hep: “HEP! There’s a far!”

Bard: Cousin Jesse bard money from me and I ain’t seent him since.

Nekkid: There he was nekkid as a jaybird.

Shevuhlay: I got me a new shevuhlay pickup!

Tar: He got him a flat tar!

Spearmint: Billy Ray doin’ some type of spearmint in school.

Clinics: You got any clinics so I could wipe my nose?

Gubmint: Casey dun got a gubmint job.

Zat: Zat yo’ car?

Drunk: Cooter Browned

Speaking of getting Cooter Browned, here’s a crazy video about that – as Carol Sue would say it’s “Nuttier than a port-a-potty at a peanut festival.”

There’s Even A Cooter Brown on Twitter with Redneck Wisdom

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