Gary Allan Explains Golf

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ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp Songwriting Workshop with Gary Allan, Brett James & Odie Blackmon

We all know Gary Allan – being from California – loves to surf some waves, but what you may not have known is he loves to hit the links for a round or two of golf. His love for the game began when his guitar player wanted to go golfing for his birthday, so Gary and his band took lessons and played 18 holes…which turned into a major hobby for them all. Here Gary explains how he got into golf:  “We all wear knickers when we golf. When it started, it was my guitar players birthday, ‘cause none of us golfed. I said, ‘What do you want to do,’ and he said, ‘I want to golf.’ So, we all went out and golfed; we all took lessons. Then we started golfing, [and] then I joined a country club so I’d have a place to golf here, and I got my band in it too. Then we didn’t have any clothes to get into the country club, [laughs] ‘cause you have to dress like an accountant pretty much, and I feel equally uncomfortable dressed as an accountant, so we thought it’d be more fun to buy knickers and make fun of the dress code, so that’s what we do. [laughs] They didn’t know what to think of us at first, but now they like us.”

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