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48th Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards - Show

Kenny Chesney’s new album is out and he says he finds its inspirations in the people and places that have meant so much to him  in his time in the islands. And when the songs were first created, Kenny says that he never really expected them to find their way onto an album:  “A lot of songs on Life on a Rock are…they’re so personal, and I never imagined that anyone but myself and the friends that I wrote them about would hear ‘em. That was the mentality that went into this. I really didn’t realize that all these songs were gonna make a record. They were just very simple songs about my friends’ lives and characters I met and the stories they told me and so many journeys that I went on in my mind that I was in these moments of life that would have been very easy to let, you know, evaporate. But I was able to capture them and write about them. That’s how this whole album started, really, you know? And none of these songs would have fit by themselves, I don’t feel like, on a specific record, but they all fit together. And I think that’s what makes this record, for me, so personal, so special — because I was able to be a storyteller. I was able to hopefully take the people that have lived with my music for a while on this incredible journey, you know, and show them some places and tell ‘em a few stories, and make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make ‘em remember somebody.”

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