Kenny Chesney On Honesty

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Kenny Chesney performs at the Stagecoach

Kenny Chesney’s new album is out and he talks about the making of Life on a Rock and what it means to him to be honest.  “Well, I think the more I’ve done this, and the more I’ve…especially this record, I was able to be a storyteller. I was able to make a record without any boundaries. I was able to make a record where I didn’t edit myself, like you usually do for a record. You know? I guess because I approached this record unlike any other I’ve ever done. I wrote all these songs knowing that the majority of them would never see the light of day on a radio station or in my show. (laughs) And that goes against all conventional wisdom and all the thinking in our business! You know what I mean? It really does. But it allowed me to be really honest with my fans and tell them stories and open up some doors that I haven’t — and that felt really good. You know? And so I think it’s possible to do what we’ve always done, you know, but still be a storyteller at the same time, and with that comes the responsibility of bein’ very truthful. So I think especially my very diverse fan base — I think that there’s one thing that I know about them is that they know when it’s not authentic, and it’s not real, and they know when it is, and that’s what I’ve tried real hard to do over the years is let them in a little more and more.  And I think this record just moves me a little bit further along down the road in that sense.”

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