The Henningsens American Beautiful

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BMI #1 Party For The Band Perry's "All Your Life"

With their debut single, “American Beautiful,” climbing the Top 20 and a tour with Brad Paisley set to launch on May 9th, things are already pretty exciting for hot new recording group The Henningsens, but that’s far from everything going on because lead singer Clara Henningsen is also getting married! And with the wedding due to happen before Clara and her brother Aaron and dad Brian hit the road with Brad, the family laughs that they may have to come up with some rather unique honeymoon accommodations!

Clara: “We’re going out on tour pretty much right after the wedding, and that’ll be interesting, but I’m actually really excited because two huge things are happening in my life, and life’s gonna be crazy, but it’s gonna be really, really fun, and I’m really blessed.”
Aaron: “And her and her husband, we will not let them share a bunk.”
Brian: “No, actually, I was gonna say, we’re gonna have the bus company build them a special honeymoon bunk.” (laughs)
Clara: “You guys are so annoying! I can’t believe I’m in a band with you!”


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