Tate Stevens Says Turn It Down

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Fox's "The X Factor" Season Finale

X Factor winner Tate Stevens is out now with his self-titled album, featuring his terrific debut single, “Power of a Love Song” — and while the song sounds great on the radio, Tate laughs that there’s one occasion when he’d rather not be in the car to hear it! Tate says: “My son, he sings all the time, and he…you know, it’s terrible. (laughs) We’ll be in the car, and it’ll come…you know, ‘Power of a Love Song’ will come on the radio, and he’s like, ‘Turn it up!’ And you know, he’s all into it…just, oh, it’s horrible, but it’s fun. It’s awesome that they’re excited about it, too, you know, and my daughter, she’ll just stare at him like, ‘Oh, my God, Dad, do you hear that?’ (laughs) So, yeah. It’s cool, though. They’re excited, and they’re proud, which makes it good.”

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